We make toys and baby gears and learning tools for children. But you already knew that.

What you may not know is we blend fantasy with reality. And it all starts with your child.

Is the moon made of cheese?

What we mean is kids need possibilities. Lots of them! Of course, trees can dance, and why wouldn’t animals talk? A world with green clouds and bluegrass? Absolutely normal! We love that. And we bring that image into the things we make. So that those incredible worlds, the fairy tales, the colorful characters, all come alive.

Because to us, it’s child’s play

We’re tech geeks and proud of it! Fiddling with technology comes naturally to us and we don’t stop until we are 100% happy and know that you will be too. So, we spent thousands of hours testing the sticky films and wall-friendly adhesives on our VertiPlay toys. And asked ourselves, why can’t baby products do more than one thing? So we spent months working on products that would be useful even when your child is 5-years old! So our PortaPlay is the first ever activity center that converts to a play table and folds away in a jiffy. The Cocoon chair goes from bassinet to high chair and the VertiPlay toys work as well for play as wall decor!

We love experimenting with new technologies to amaze your child (and you) every day and we also never stop looking for materials that are better for the planet.

Products Range

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