How long does food need to cook?

Babycook steam cooks foods very quickly and takes between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the amount of water in the heating reservoir. When steaming  with high water content, such as string beans, zucchini, apples and pears,  runs for approximately 10 minutes with 2 measures of water. When steaming  with low water content, such as potatoes, carrots, peas, red meat and  Babycook Pro takes approximately 15 minutes with 3 measures of water.  reheating foods, cook with 1 measure of water (about 5 minutes).


Water level 1: Approximately 5 minutes

Water level 2: Approximately 10 minutes

Water level 3: Approximately 15 minutes


*Babycook will never dry boil your food. The steam cycle will only continue as long as there is water in the reservoir. If after a steam cycle is completed there is water remaining in your reservoir, it may be time to descale your machine (to remove  limescale build-up in  reservoir, which is caused by minerals found naturally water).

How do I defrost food?

Babycook® can not only cook your food, it can defrost it too!

1. Pour 2 measures of water into the heating reservoir.
2. Place food inside a heat resistant bowl or a BÉABA Clip Portions container
3. Place the container inside the clear steam basket
4. Lock your bowls and lid(s) into place and start your steam cycle
5. When the sound signals the end of the cycle (cooking is complete), remove the container with a dry cloth with caution (the container itself and the residual water will be very hot)
6. Stir the contents with the included spatula to obtain an even temperature.

How to descale (clean) your Babycook® reservoir

We recommend descaling (cleaning) your Babycook® reservoir every 6-8 uses (more frequently if you live in an area with mineral rich water, as non-toxic  build-up tends to build up faster). The Babycook® Pro and Pro 2 X’s steam light will turn red as a recommended cleaning alert (or “cycle counter”), but unfortunately the Classic does not have this feature. Should you ever notice your steam cycles running shorter than usual or there is water remaining in the reservoir after the steam cycle completes, it is time to descale your machine.


– Ensuring the device is cold and not connected to power supply, pour a mixture of 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into the water reservoir
– Allow the vinegar/ water solution to soak in your reservoir overnight
– Empty the mixture into your sink and check to make sure all build-up has been removed (using a small flashlight or your cell phone)
– Repeat the operation if necessary until all the mineral deposits (non-toxic limescale) have been removed. If you find the build-up is quite stubborn, OK to descale using pure distilled white vinegar.
– Once build-up is removed, plug in the device and then complete two steaming cycles using water 3 (to ensure your reservoir is cleaned of any debris)
– Clean the mixing bowl and accessories with warm, soapy water
– For the Babycook Pro/ Pro 2X, you will need to reset your cycle counter (if your steam button was red). Locking your bowl(s) and lid(s) into place, plug in the machine and then hold the steam button for approximately 30 seconds (until the light turns white again).


Never use a chemical descaler or a coffee machine descaler in the water reservoir!

How do I clean my Babycook?

The bowl, basket, lid and spatula are top-rack dishwasher safe. To ensure the longest life for your accessories, washing by hand with warm, soapy water is recommended (use caution when handling the blade, as it is extremely sharp). After cleaning the blade, make sure that the gasket and seal are reattached properly. Never submerge the appliance in water. To clean the Babycook itself, unplug the machine and then using a slightly damp paper towel or wipe, remove any excess food on the machine and then wipe dry using a towel.

The steam button light has turned red and will not go off. What should I do?

Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with your Babycook. The red light is just the descaling reminder light. Follow the instructions for descaling; you can find the instructions in your manual or on this site. Once you have descaled with a white vinegar and water solution, it is important that you unplug the unit for several minutes. Then, plug it back in. Lock your Blending Bowl(s) in to place (Listen For Click) press down on arrows at the top of your lid to assure your lid is locked, and then PRESS and HOLD the steam button down for 30 seconds to reset the cycle counter. The steam button will turn white again.


Learn More


Instructions on how to descale your Babycook:
1) Fill the entire heating reservoir with white distilled vinegar and let it sit overnight
2) Pour out the vinegar
3) Run 2 cooking cycles with plain water
4) Repeat as many times as necessary until clean


*Be sure not to run the cooking cycle until the reservoir is completely clean. Otherwise, you are just the build-up onto the sides of the reservoir.

*Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to descale your Babycook at the first sign of build-up. Keeping the reservoir clean is much easier than trying to remove stubborn build-up.

What is the difference between Babycook Classic and Babycook Pro?

Babycook is a one-of-a-kind, patented compact counter top appliance that functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby. It starts by steam cooking vegetables, fruits, and meats in less than 15 minutes, while preserving their vitamins and flavors. It then purees or blends them to the desired consistency. Parents can also use it to quickly reheat or defrost precooked foods. There are 3 models of Babycook – Classic, Pro and Pro 2X. The Babycook Pro is our newest and updated mode. Here are the advantages of Babycook Pro, when compared to the Classic:


– One-handed operation

– Easier back-lit button operation

– Largest capacity (4.7 cups)

– Audible alert timer

– Stainless Steel water reservoir

– Bowl graduation markings

– Smaller footprint fits flush against wall

– Removable cord for storage

– Descaling reminder light


Babycook Pro 2X has a double capacity of over 9 cups, allowing for steaming on
both sides of the machine simultaneously.

Why is my Babycook leaking water?

Leakage can be caused by a variety of issues. It is best to check each one to ensure your product is working properly.

1. Check the gasket and ensure that it is properly assembled under the knife blade. The gasket should be mounted with the thin edge of the gasket touching the metal part of the bowl. Please watch the video that is part of this article to make sure that your gasket is properly attached to the blade and bowl. IF there is no gasket underneath the blade or if the gasket is work out or ripped. You must replace the gasket. Use the additional gasket supplied with your product or open a ticket with us to order parts.


2. The bowl is cracked or broken. Open a ticket with us to order parts.


3. There is a significant gap between the silicone nozzle on the outside of the steam reservoir and the bowl lid so some steam comes out, creating water drops along with casing. Replace the bowl if excessive amounts of water are escaping. However, some water droplets are normal. Open a ticket with us to order parts.


4. There is no nut on the knife blade. Reattach the nut. Correctly fasten the nut with the flat side in contact with the metal part of the bowl and turn the nut counter- clockwise. If your locking nut is missing, open a ticket with us to order parts.

Why is my Babycook not steaming?

1. Babycook may not be properly plugged in. Check that the appliance is properly plugged into a standard polarized outlet with 120V power. The polarized plug is intended to reduce the risk of electric shock. This plug is designed to fit only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.


2. The bowl lid and the bowl are not correctly attached. Lock the bowl and the bowl lid by turning them counter-clockwise until you hear it click. The appliance is then fully engaged.


3. The heating function button is not turned on (to the left). Turn the knob to the “on” position—to the left. Then turn the button back to the O position after cooking.


4. There is no water in the steam heating compartment. Add the correct measure of water to the steam heating compartment (the water goes in the tank NOT the bowl).


5. If Babycook is not heating and you have ruled out the above causes, the heating element or thermostat may not functioning properly. In this case, either the base or the whole product may need to be replaced. Open a Support Ticket with us and we will help you with this.  It is very important to turn off the appliance when finished steaming. Leaving the product on for long periods of time could cause the thermostat to become overheated, which will in turn diminish the useful life of the product. It is best to always turn Babycook off and unplug it when not in use.

Why is my Babycook not blending?

1. Babycook may not be properly plugged in.
Check that the appliance is properly plugged into a standard polarized outlet with 120V power. The polarized plug is intended to reduce the risk of electric shock. This plug is designed to fit only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.  Babycook Pro/ Pro 2X: The power cord may have become loose. Turn over the machine and then using your thumb fingers, push the cord in as far as it will go, to ensure a snug fit.


2. There is no locking nut on the knife blade.
Place the blade with the rubber gasket (flared side down) inside the bowl and then underneath, attach the locking nut. Proper placement is for the flat side to sit flush against the metal part of the bowl (with the side of the nut with raised edges and a visible capital & facing down/ the base of the machine). Twist the locking nut and blade in clock-wise motion to ensure a snug fit.


3. The bowl lid and the bowl are not correctly attached.
Babycook Classic: Lock the bowl and the bowl lid by turning them clockwise until you hear it click. The appliance is then fully engaged. Babycook Pro/ Pro 2x: Turn the bowl clockwise until you hear a click and the bowl will not turn any further. Then close the lid arm while pressing on the rubber arrow using the palm of your hand until you hear a loud click.


4. You hear the motor running but the blade does not turn.
Remove the blade assembly completely, lock the bowl and lid(s) into place and test the blend function again. If you see the post (where the blade sits) turning without issue, your blade assembly has become warped. Please contact us to obtain a replacement part.


If the post does NOT turn but you still hear the motor, the rotating belt is not in contact with the pulley inside the machine. In this case, a warranty claim will need to be opened. Please open a support ticket or call us at 1-855-602-3222.


5. The motor is not functioning properly.
If your machine has power and you are able to steam (but not blend), a warranty claim will need to be opened. Please open a support ticket or call us at +603-7831 7530

There is fine brown silt or what looks like rust in my heating reservoir. What is it?

If you notice a brown deposit or what appears to be rust in your heating reservoir, this is actually lime scale (mineral found naturally in water). Your Babycook reservoir is made of stainless steel, so it cannot rust. To correct this, you’ll need to descale your appliance. Instructions for descaling are located in your product manual or on this site.
*Please note: Lime scale is not toxic to your infant


Instructions on how to descale your Babycook:


1) Fill the entire heating reservoir with white distilled vinegar and let it sit overnight
2) Pour out the vinegar
3) Run 2 cooking cycles with plain water
4) Repeat as many times as necessary until clean


*Be sure not to run the cooking cycle until the reservoir is completely clean. Otherwise, you are just "baking" the build-up onto the sides of the reservoir.


*Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to descale your Babycook at the first sign of build-up and also, ALWAYS use the mixing lid when blending (to prevent food from entering the reservoir).

Keeping the reservoir clean is much easier than trying to remove stubborn build-up.

What are the weight limits on the COMPLETE, the CarryOn, the SeatMe and the ESSENTIALS baby carriers?

The COMPLETE does not require an infant insert and is recommended for children 3,2 kg/7lbs- 20,4kg/45lbs.  The ESSENTIALS can be used from 3,2kg/7 lbs. with the required use of the Infant Insert. The Essentials is approved for use without the insert from 6,8-20,4kg/15-45 lbs. The CarryOn can be used from 9,1-27,2 kg/20-60lbs, we recommend the child is fitting at least 2T pants. The SeatMe can be used from 3,2 kg/7lbs- 20,4kg/45lbs with the carrier top and from 5,4kg/12lbs- 20,4kg/45lbs without the carrier top.

What are the differences between the COMPLETE, the CarryOn, the SeatMe and the ESSENTIALS?

In general, the main differences between the COMPLETE, CarryOn, and ESSENTIALS are the front facing option and the adjustable head support. The COMPLETE allows 6 carrying positions, has adjustable head support and can be used from birth, whereas the CarryOn and ESSENTIALS have 3 carrying positions, do not have adjustable head support and cannot be used with infants. The ESSENTIALS has a separate infant insert with pillow that can be purchased to use for an infant below 6,8kg/15 lbs. The SeatMe is a hip seat carrier with a padded shelf seat for the child to sit on. It can be used with the top portion attached or remove the torso to just use the shelf seat portion to help hold your baby. To use the SeatMe with an infant under 5,4kg/12lbs you must remove the structured shelf seat. The CarryOn is strictly for toddlers to preschoolers who wear at least 2T pants.


Compare Chart


Please see our compare chart for a side by side look at the differences in these carriers.

What are the number of carrying positions I can use on the COMPLETE, the CarryOn, the SeatMe and the ESSENTIALS?

The COMPLETE has 6 carry positions: fetal (w/ pillow or rolled blanket), infant facing-in, facing out, toddler facing in, hip and back.


The CarryOn has 3 carry positions: toddler facing in, hip and back.


The SeatMe has 6 carry position: front inward without shelf (for infants under 5,4kg/12lbs), front inward with shelf, front outward with shelf, hip with shelf, back with shelf, it can also be used as a hip seat carrier with the torso portion removed and the baby just sitting on the shelf seat to help hold the baby.


The ESSENTIALS has 4 carry positions: infant (with insert), toddler facing in, hip and back.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to use my COMPLETE carrier, help!

Check our instructional video page which shows how to use the COMPLETE in all positions and settings;


Tutorial Here.


You can also contact for complimentary fit
checks, usage advice, and any other needs.

Do I need an infant insert with my COMPLETE carrier?

The LILLEbaby COMPLETE carriers do not require an infant insert. Beginning at 3,2kg/7 lbs. you may wear baby in the carrier in either the fetal position with legs inside in the froggy position (with a pillow or rolled blanket under baby’s bottom) or legs out in the narrow seat setting. You may use the infant straps for added safety if you wish. We also recommend watching the instructional videos here:


Instructional Video

What is the difference between the COMPLETE and the CarryOn?

The CarryOn is designed for larger children, as it goes from 9,1 up to 27,2 kg /from 20 up to 60 pounds. It has a roomier panel, and more adjustability in the straps to get a good comfortable fit. Children can be worn on the hip, the back or facing in, in 3 positions. You cannot use the CarryOn with children under 9,1kg/20 pounds. The COMPLETE has a fold down neck support so smaller babies can look out and be worn facing forward. Children can be worn facing in, and out, on the hip an on the back in a variety of ways because the width of the seat adjusts. The COMPLETE weight range is from 3,2kg/7 pounds at birth to 20,4 kg/45 pounds with no need for an infant insert.

Do you use a flame retardant on your carriers?

It’s Important to LILLEbaby that we make the safest products for children that we can. We test extensively for both voluntary and mandatory standards. Our products contain no lead, toxic dyes, phthalates, flame retardants and are CPSIA compliant and ASTM safety certified. The padding on our shoulder pads is comprised of a non-toxic PE, an material frequently used in baby mattresses. The waist belt is also made of non-toxic PEVA material. Many baby products (bibs etc.) are now using PEVA as it is considered “greener” and safer than PVC etc.

My baby is in between the "wide" and the "seat", what do I do?

You can achieve a wider support in the narrow seat setting by trying one or more of the following techniques:
1. Position baby further away from belt:


Ensure baby has a “deep seat” by positioning baby toward the wider part of the carrier panel rather than close to or on the waistband itself. Achieving this is easiest if your waistband is flat and snug to your waist or hip. Try moving the waist belt higher or lower, maintaining a flat, snug, and level fit, until you find a position that is both comfortable for the wearer and positions baby on the widest part of the seat.


2. Widen seat by loosening seat flaps:


-Leave flaps unbuckled but folded in underneath baby’s bottom. Pull on each side of the seat to extend the fabric over baby’s thighs to achieve a widened seat.
– Alternatively, leave the flaps hanging loose. This results in a slightly wider seat compared to the flaps folded in and buttoned.
– Once baby is in the carrier, reach inside and adjust where baby is sitting by lifting and moving baby’s bottom further away from your belt.
– Always make sure to tighten straps to ensure baby is sitting snug to your body. However, never over tighten – always allow for the natural c-curve of baby’s spine.
– Note: “Scrunching” the seat flaps on the waist belt to slightly narrow the wide seat setting is not recommended because it can warp the carrier’s waist belt.

Which is more breathable, the COMPLETE Airflow or the COMPLETE Embossed?

The Embossed LILLEbaby carrier is made with a soft, light and highly breathable microfiber fabric often used in sports gear. There is no padding between the layers in the body of the carrier which make it super lightweight and it allows more airflow than most padded cotton carriers, but not more breathable than our Airflow carrier. The COMPLETE airflow has panel made entirely of a breathable 3D mesh, therefore making it the coolest of all our carriers.

Can I use the LILLEbaby COMPLETE waist extender on the ESSENTIALS?

Not at this time.

Can I use the LILLEbaby lumbar support with the ESSENTIALS?

Yes, though it must be purchased separately.

Can I use the infant insert with the COMPLETE or CarryOn?

The infant insert made by LILLEbaby is for use only with our ESSENTIALS carrier. The insert must be used with the pillow for infants from 3,2-6,8 kg/ 7-15 pounds. Then from about 4 months and up you can use just the pillow until baby fits the panel with knees bending and swinging freely on either side of the panel. The pillow alone can be used with the COMPLETE carriers in the fetal position in place of the rolled blanket. Neither the insert or pillow can be used with the CarryOn.

How does the ESSENTIALS compare to the COMPLETE?

The COMPLETE is a 6-position carrier with a number of unique features. The ESSENTIALS was designed to offer the best solution in the more simplified, traditional soft structured carrier category. It features 4 carrying positions and includes different features than the COMPLETE.

I am plus sized, will the SeatMe fit me?

Our SeatMe carrier can accommodate up to a women’s US size 14/16.

How to adjust to narrow seat

To adjust your carrier to the narrow seat setting start by removing the lumbar support. Then, unsnap each loop of fabric from the waistband and slide those loops off the waistband. Take the two flaps and fold them over and secure in place with the snap. Then, slide the lumbar support back on.


Watch video

Compare Chart

In general, the main differences between the COMPLETE, CarryOn, and ESSENTIALS are the front facing option and the adjustable head support. The COMPLETE allows 6 carrying positions, has adjustable head support and can be used from birth. Where the CarryOn and ESSENTIALS have 4 carrying position, do not have adjustable head support and cannot be used with infants. The ESSENTIALS has a separate infant insert with pillow that can be purchased to use for an infant. The CarryOn is strictly for toddlers to preschoolers who wear at least 2T pants.

Compare Chart

Fit help

If you are experiencing fit trouble with your carrier we would be happy to help! Please send over a few photos of you and baby using the carrier (front, back and side angles would be best!) and we will do our best to help you achieve a more comfortable fit.

What is the difference between the Airflow and the All Seasons?

Both the Airflow and All Seasons are part of our COMPLETE lines, so they share many of the same features. The major difference between the COMPLETE Airflow and the COMPLETE All Seasons is that the Airflow is all mesh, and the All Seasons features a cotton covering, and a zip away panel that reveals the mesh under, so you can control temperatures. The pocket is smaller on the COMPLETE All Seasons to accommodate the zip down panel, but they have the same 6 carrying positions and weight limits as seen on our compare chart:

Compare Chart

Forward facing

Forward facing in the COMPLETE should always be done in the narrow seat setting, baby must be at least 6 months old with excellent head and neck control. If you would like fit assistance you can send over a few photos to start, that would be helpful (front, back and side views, please).


Please check out this video link on how to get a good ergonomic seat when forward facing.


Watch Video


We also always recommend keeping pants or baby legs on your child to prevent as much friction as possible on delicate baby skin.

Can you breastfeed in the LILLEbaby COMPLETE?

We have found that the easiest way to nurse your baby in the carrier is to slightly loosen one or both straps so that baby can drop down far enough in the carrier to be positioned directly in front of the breast baby is going to latch onto. Once baby is finished, remember to tighten your straps back to the original position. Please check out this helpful video made by one of our lovely Ambassadors.


Watch Video

Nubs/Slubs in linen

The spots you are noticing are specifically called "nubs" or "slubs" and are harmless thickening of threads. Nubs/slubs (and the occasional weaver’s knot or loose thread) are a totally normal characteristic of quality linen fabric and do not compromise the integrity of the fabric in any way. These should not be viewed as defects. Rather they are unique characteristics to your sling – like freckles.

Plus size fit – COMPLETE/CarryOn/Essentials

We have found that most Moms who are a US women’s size 22/24 are able to use the carrier without the waistbelt extension strap. The waist extender, should you need it, adds another 22,9 cm/9 inches in addition to the approximate 137cm/54 inches that the belt has available. If needed you can use multiple waistbelt extenders at once. I hope this helps!

Plus size fit ring sling/wrap

The LILLEbaby Eternal Love Ring Sling/Tie-the-Knot Wrap has been designed with an elongated panel, which makes it a great option for LILLE lovers of a wide variety of body types. This should be a great option for plus-sized parents!

Register your carrier

The information you need for registering your carrier is listed next to our address at the bottom left corner of the warning label on the inside of the carrier waist belt.
On older models, it looks like: Item: SC-200, Prod: 1415
On newer models, it looks like: SC-4A-B (138) Nov.1, 2016

Tummy Pad Sizing

If you already have a LILLEbaby carrier, you can put the carrier on around your waist like you would for a back carry (no need to put baby in!) and measure how much webbing is showing. If it is between 20 and 35 cm/8 and 14 inches you would need a small, between 35 and 48cm/14 and 19” you would need a medium, more than 48cm/19” you would need a large. If you do not have a LILLEbaby I would recommend to size down. Generally, a small will fit women between a US size 0-6, medium US size 8-16, and large US size 18+.

I am petite, can I still use the lumbar support?

Yes, our lumbar support can be used by sliding the webbing through just one loop on the lumbar then the waistband can overlap on top of the lumbar support for a snug fit.

Wash Instructions

You can find our cleaning instructions on Page 8 of our user manual!
Wash Instructions:
Before washing, buckle all buckles. Use mild detergent when washing. Do not machine wash frequently. Do not use detergents with bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brightener. Hang dry only.

Warranty (Step Two)

Thank you for the information and for your patience. It looks like we will be able to send you a new carrier under your 1-year warranty! The next step in the process is to please send me a photo of your unique serial number on the inside of your waist belt along with a photo of the production number on the warning label. I have attached a picture for reference. Then, please use the attached FedEx label to send your carrier back to LILLEbaby. You can drop your package off at the nearest FedEx acceptance facility.


Please include in the box your name and shipping address and once we receive it I can send you a new carrier! If once you send the carrier, you can send me a photo of your shipping receipt or a screenshot of the tracking number updated, I can send out your new carrier even before I receive the defective.

Warranty Claim (First Response)

Thank you for contacting LÍLLÉbaby and for your patience! Your request has been received, and your ticket ID is {{}}
We will respond to your claim just as quickly as possible. To supply the fastest response to any question, including a warranty claim, please reply to this email with the following information:
A. Your first and last name
B. The name or type of product you have a question about or are having an issue with (i.e. Complete Original, Complete All Seasons, Toddler CarryOn Airflow, SeatMe Hip Seat, EveryWear)
C. The production number on your carrier (This can be found on the warning label on the inside of the waist belt or tag. It will look similar to SC-4AB (157) May 1, 2016)
D. A photo or scanned copy of the original purchase receipt for the product for proof of purchase
E. A digital photo or video of the broken or affected area
F. A brief description of what was going on at the time when the issue occurred
G. Current physical US shipping address
H. Your email address
This information will be used to verify and review your claim. Any missing information may delay processing after we receive your response. Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Can I change my order details?

Missed a zero? Forgot your unit number? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!
Please email us at with the details and we’ll try our best to make it right. It does help if we receive changes before your order is shipped!

I am not based in the US or Singapore. How can I order from Oribel?

Not a problem! Oribel has retailers in over 35 countries and you can check them out here. If you don’t see your country on the list, email us at and we’ll help you out.

Can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number with a link on your registered email address. Please click on the link to track the order status. If you do not receive an email within two days of shipping, please email us at
Please note, we do not provide tracking numbers for deliveries within Singapore.

What countries do you ship to?

From this website, we ship to USA, Singapore and Malaysia. However, we have partners in 40 countries, you can head here to find one in yours!

When will my order be shipped?

We are as eager as you are! We do our best to process your order and ship it within 24 hours.
Depending on your location, the order will reach you within 2 to 7 working days.

When will I get my order?

USA: 3 to 5 working days
Singapore: 2 to 3 working days
Malaysia: 3 to 5 working days

What makes PortaPlay different from a regular exersaucer?

The fact that it goes from a toy to an activity centre to a play table with no hassle, adapting as your baby grows! It is portable, foldable and very compact. Even with all the toys, you can easily fold the PortaPlay into a neat 25-inch wide, 8-inch tall disc and carry it everywhere! All this with no dismantling or loosening or fussing. It really is one of a kind!

Is there a difference in the grey and green PortaPlay?

Each colour comes with a different set of toys, one inspired by the whimsical tale of Alice in Wonderland and the other by friendly woodland creatures!

When can my child use the PortaPlay?

From about 5 months of age (or when your baby’s neck is self-supported) in the Activity Center mode. And then till 5 years of age as a play table!

Is there a recommended height and weight that the seat can handle?

While the PortaPlay is being used as an activity centre in which your child is seated, the recommended weight and height is 25 lbs and 30 inches.

This is the average weight and height of a 12-month-old. If your child is starting to walk, he or she should no longer be seated, but can use the activity centre or play table while standing.

Should the children be tippy toeing or not when in Portaplay?

Yes, the time when your child starts tippy toeing, is a good time to start with PortaPlay

Does the seat spin?

Absolutely! The seat will rotate 360 degrees so that your baby can easily see and play with every toy.

Is the seat pad removable and washable?

Yes, very easily! You can machine wash the seat pad in cold water, on a delicate cycle.

Do the toys come off for easy cleaning? Are batteries required?

Yes, the toys are easily detachable and no batteries are needed.

Can I buy a new seat pad and toys if needed?

Yes! We have replacements available for both in case they get dirty or damaged.

Can I buy another set of plugs to assemble the play table?


Where can I buy service parts ?

Head here to buy new service parts!

What is the warranty period?

We offer a 180-day warranty period for manufacturing defects and workmanship issues.

Can I be assured that this is safe for my child to use?

You have our word! Safety is our first priority, just like yours. All our products are free of BPA, pthalates, lead and heavy metals. They meet and exceed EN and ESTN standards.

Where is the PortaPlay made?

All of Oribel’s products are designed at our headquarters in Singapore and manufactured in our facilities in China.

Do the toys stick on all surfaces?

We find that the toys stick best on flat surfaces. On textured or uneven surfaces, the toys may slip as the adhesion is not as strong.

Does wall paint make a difference to how well the toys stick?

Yes, is it best to avoid walls with poor quality paint or multiple coats of paint as the toys will not stick as well.

Can the toys be removed from the wall and pasted again?

Yes! We’ve designed them so that you can remove and stick them back 3 to 4 times without affecting the sticking ability.

Can I buy just the film?

Unfortunately not. The film and the wooden portion of the toy are designed and sold as one unit.

What kind of wood is used in the toys?

Solid beechwood, responsibly-sourced from sustainable forests. (All our wood suppliers are certified by IFSC)

What are the Recommended Retail Prices?

MOQ's (shipment from China - ExW or FOB)

Our FOB prices are netto prices for orders above 15.000 USD.
– For orders below 15.000 USD, we charge 150 USD as a share in the handling and
administration costs.
– For orders below 10.000 USD, we charge 300 USD as a share in the handling and
administration costs.


MOQ’s per style depend on labeling and packaging requirements:
– When ordered at order closing date (see production schedule) and when labeling and packaging is standard (products are labeled with a Quut barcode by default and mention standard information in English), we apply no particular MOQ’s per style. Only the above logic will be applied.
– For orders that need customized labeling per product (by applying a sticker), we handle below MOQ’s.

(1) A limited stock of Cuppis with pink ball is packed per 27 pcs per carton (3 counter displays x 9 pcs).
(2) Master cartons can be stickered at 1 side (1 version for all cartons, f.i. with distributor name). Only upon request, for MOQ orders and when shipped from Xiamen.
(3) Customised product labeling or master carton labeling below MOQ’s will be charged 0,05 USD / sticker. In this case we only apply generic labels (without PO nr) so the same sticker is usable for repeat orders too.

Production location, place of shipment and shipment terms

Our production is based in Xiamen, China. We prefer to sell under FOB conditions from Xiamen, China. But we have a stock in Belgium too. From Belgium (Ghent), we ship ExW.

Does FOB shipment mean that Quut products are to be paid before shipping?

Yes. Also in regard to the payment terms, we follow FOB logics. Also for shipments from our Belgian warehouse, our products need to be paid 100% before shipment.

Can we buy ExW from China?

Yes. We will give you a fixed 250 USD / shipment discount when buying ExW Xiamen.

What is the HS code for Quut toys?

HS code 9503 009590

Does Quut use barcodes to label shipment boxes and products in order to optimise stock management?

Yes. Each product packaging or accompanying booklet is labeled with a Quut barcode. This applies equally to the shipment of master boxes.

Can a distributor have his own barcodes or specific markings applied to product packagings?

Upon request, we can label individual products with stickers for specific markings. These stickers will be printed separately and applied on our packagings. The stickers are sized 4,9 x 7 cm (except for the Ringo the size is 5,6 x 7 cm). We have guidelines available for the layout of these stickers. We can do this only when an order is confirmed before an order closing date prior to a specific production run, for FOB deliveries and when a product order hits MOQ’s (see above). Below MOQ’s, customised product labeling will be charged 0,05 USD / sticker. In this case we’ll only apply generic labels (without PO nr) so the same sticker is usable for repeat orders too.

Which lab is responsible for product Safety Testing & Certification?

Intertek. Depending on the target market, we engage Intertek UK, Intertek Hongkong or another regional division.

Does Quut work with traceable batch numbers?

Yes. As from production runs mid 2015, all our products have a production date stamp (batch reference). However, some items in our Belgian stock might origin from an earlier production run.
In that case some products come without the date stamp. The PO nr. on the masterbox suits as
reference number then.

Delivery times, production schedule and order closing dates

Stock levels, availability of products and delivery times are subject to our production schedule. Our production schedule for 2018 with corresponding order closing dates and product availability dates is outlined below (possibly subject to change).

Are Quut designs registered?

Our designs are registered in Europe through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO –Madrid Protocol) and are recorded in the Register of Community Designs. Quut is registered as international trademark in the EU, the US, Japan, China and Australia.

How are Quut products packed individually (retail packaging)?

– Alto and Pira are covered with a cardboard wrap.
– Scoppi, Ballo and Cana only carry a booklet which looks great and saves trees. Besides
communicating our brand values, the booklet also introduces the other Quut products.
– Ringo is packed with a cardboard wrap.
– Cuppis (per 9) and Rakis (per 6) are presented in a counter display and carry a Quut booklet (cfr. Scoppi, Ballo and Cana).
– Sloopi, Lili, SunnyLove and StarFish are packed in a beautiful box which displays multiple ways of use (in bath & at the beach). We’ve put a nice booklet in the box that shows the entire collection.
– The Triplet is wrapped with a flag. Images show the Triplet’s versatility at a glance. Triplets + flags are stackable.

Can Quut provide samples?

Yes we can. Please contact us. We only ask our partners to pay for the cost of transport.

How are Quut products packed in master cartons?

(*) A limited stock of Cuppis (with pink ball) is packed per 27 pcs per carton (3 counter displays x 9 pcs).

Are Quut products sustainable? Are Quut products recycable?

Yes and yes. Sustainability and recyclability are 2 different things. Both are of utmost importance to us.


Designing and producing sustainable products was our first concern. Quut toys are well made and built to last. We have focussed on durability to create an alternative for people who – like us – no longer want to buy poor-quality beach toys that break after the first use. Our toys are build to last. In addition to that, all of our products are BPA, Phthalates and latex free.


Besides that, our toys are fully recyclable. In order to optimize recyclability, most of our toys consist of single or separate components, they’re made from well-recyclable mono materials and they’re marked with a Resin Identification Code (RIC) to optimize the sorting process.


As such, they’re easy to recycle into qualitative secondary raw materials.

Does Quut work with distribution contracts?

Indeed. We are looking for real partnerships and believe it is in our mutual interest to formalize this in a contract. Our aim is to establish exclusive and long term cooperations. We aim to have ONE enthusiastic distribution partner per region/channel that can grow the brand together with us.

What sales channels is Quut looking at?

Retail | E-tail – We aim for specialty re- and etail channels where quality and sustainability is valued as it should be. We look for giftshops, interior design-, life style-, kids fashion- and design stores; coastal/resort shops and outdoor / sports stores.


Educational Market – Besides that, the eductional market is important for Quut too. On demand we can provide special packagings for the educational market.

Why are Quut toys so different from other toys?

In beach toys, sustainability hasn’t been an issue for decades. Innovation was far away: we’ve seen too many bucket handles break or shovels snap while digging moats. And we ‘ve all seen the remnants of these toys strewn across the beach at the end of the day as disappointed children leave their worthless parts behind.


At Quut, we think this is ridiculous. So our toys are different. They’re unbelievably fun, extremely versatile and very beautiful. And they last… season after season.


Our toys have gone through an extensive design and innovation process of the highest standard. And they have been thoroughly tested on ergonomics and durability to comply with the highest safety standards around the world. The result is a range of products that will stand the test of time. Both esthetically and functionally. This has been recognized by multiple international design and toy awards.


In an nutshell: we make toys that stand the test of time, inspired by our childhood memories, designed with our children’s future in mind.