Why Babywearing?

There are numerous benefits to babywearing – in short, in makes life easier for mama (or daddy!) and baby. Babywearing has been an essential part of child rearing in many cultures for centuries; in recent decades the practice has grown in popularity in Western cultures as parents have come to realize its many advantages. Just a few reasons babywearing is so fabulous:

Newborns NEED to be held. Close physical contact with a caregiver has physical and physiological benefits for baby. Carriers allow a caregiver to provide baby with the physical comfort she needs while still have hands free for other activities, including playing with and caring for older children. Check out our top picks for newborn carriers.

An upright position is great for babies with reflux. The slight pressure on the tummy from being worn also helps with gas issues.

A colicky baby is more easily soothed when snuggled and rocked in a carrier. It is also much easier on a caregiver’s arms to have the carrier help with the holding.

Carriers can go many places more easily than a stroller: maneuvering in crowded places, walking the dog, hiking, sightseeing, and using public transportation are all made easier by using a carrier instead of a stroller.

Once baby is aware of his world, a carrier provides a better view of his surroundings. Worn babies are more easily made a part of the action.

Even toddlers who are walking frequently want to be held. A good carrier makes it much easier to handle the weight of your growing toddler while leaving you hands free for other tasks.

Wearing is a wonderful way to soothe and comfort a sick or grumpy baby or toddler.

And the list goes on!

For the most part, all babies like to be worn (after all, most babies love to be held!). However, some are more picky about what position and what carrier they like! Always try a new carrier or carrier with a baby that is rested, full, and happy. A tired, grumpy baby is not going to care for a new experience of any kind. Don’t be discouraged if your baby fusses at first – very normal for a baby to do when introduced to any new situation. Try movement! Sometimes bouncing gently on an exercise ball will work. Other times, you may need to go for a walk. And give baby a bit of time to adjust.

It is also quite normal for babies to go on a “wearing strike” as they become more mobile, especially as they learn to walk. Don’t put up the carriers just yet though. Most toddlers will come back around and will even ask to be worn once they master walking. With the right carrier, you can babywear just as long as you would use a stroller.

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